Network Protection


Our passive IDS monitoring systems as well as active in-line/in-band IPS choke points with unsurpassable power and granular controls furnish you with network protection against the traditional intrusion vulnerabilities as well as the new generation of threats and threat vectors. SafeMedia's Network Security system safely enables high-value, high-risk applications deployment, while mitigating the risks associated with such applications. SafeMedia's Intrusion detection and Prevention system offers features including attack recognition beyond simple signature matching, dropping of malicious sessions as opposed to simple resetting of connections, and the deployment of dedicated hardware that can operate at "wire speeds".

Most Advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IPS/IDS) technology available to deliver and accelerate accurate and granular network security alerts and remediation you need. The aggregation of new technologies patented by SafeMedia, makes our Network Protection system the only enterprise-class security solution to offer total network visibility and complete threat detection, prevention and mitigations. Technologies embedded within our Network Protection system include Packets capture and normalization, packets assembly, flow processors, anomaly detection, network patterns, target based detection, application behavior and protocol behavior analyses.

Protection against application level threats that originate inside the traditional boundary as well as network zone segmentation, enforces endpoint security policies, in addition to providing proactive defense against vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Unsurpassed protection and resistance to avoidance Techniques: inline dedicated hardware with complete stealth deployment to avoid attacks and intrusion by inside or outside traffic. Copper bypass to avoid any network disruption.

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